For a good part of this year the Church Council has prayed, discussed, and consulted with other churches on needed changes to our constitution & bylaws to make them fit us better as a multi-site church. Our current constitution & bylaws date back to 2007 which was before we became one church family in multiple locations, so there are some minor changes intended to make them clearer and more effective, as well as one wholly new article being proposed (Article IX).

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summary of the most substantial changes proposed:

Constitution, Article I: A sentence added to clarify that all properties belong to the church as a whole, not to any one campus.


* Bylaws, Article III: A sentence added Section 1 to establish that the Church Council may have paid church staff on it, but the majority should always be volunteers from the church. Changes to Section 2 remove the requirement of ordination of Council members, who in reality are voted on & affirmed by the church each year, making ordination unnecessary.


* Bylaws, Article V: A sentence specifying that the Senior Pastor is responsible to oversee campus pastors. Also, a phrase clarifying that in the event of a Senior Pastor vacancy, the Church Council will oversee the process to fill that role.


* Bylaws, Article VII: Change to the number of members on church committees and to the length of time they can serve in that role.


* Bylaws, Article IX: This is a wholly new article that is needed to specify, in accordance with Article I of the Constitution, that each campus of Del Sol is part of the church as a whole and falls under the leadership of the Church Council and Senior Pastor. This is how we have functioned since 2010 when we first became a multi-site church, and this article will solidify that as an operating practice.


* Bylaws, Article X: Two sentences have been added to clarify the process of dissolution and the recipients of church assets in the event that the church were to vote to dissolve.

These proposals come as a recommendation to the church family from the Church Council, which serves as the governing board. The next step is for church members to have several weeks to review the proposed bylaws, ask any questions they may have, and then this recommendation will be brought for a vote on Wednesday, December 5th at the annual church conference at the East Campus.


Our pastors will be glad to answer any questions you have about this. Please contact our Administrative Pastor Ariel Martinez at or (915) 855-3798. If he cannot answer your question, he will refer you to another pastor or to a Church Councilman who can.

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