You can give during Sunday services at your campus by simply placing cash or checks in an offering box during any service.


Give through Pushpay on our App! Just download the Del Sol Church App in your mobile device or tablet to give your donation.


You can mail your donation to: 11501 Vista Del Sol Dr. El Paso Texas, 79936



You can give your donation through our website.

why am i asked to give to my church?

Giving is a vital part of spiritual growth and maturity. It requires two things of us: faith & faithfulness


First, giving is an active statement of my faith, recognizing God as my true provider. When we give it affirms our confidence in His ability to meet all our needs, it’s an act of gratitude for His provision, and it allows me to partner with God in what He is doing through my church and in the world.


Second, giving requires personal discipline. It’s not meant to be a casual or occasional thing. In 2 Corinthians 8-9, the Bible teaches us to give willingly, generously and cheerfully. Our giving should be done regularly since God’s provision for us is constant. In Malachi 3:10, we see that God’s starting point of giving is called “the tithe”, which means we give the first 10% of our income as a gift to God and trust Him to meet all our needs with the 90% that remains. Through our tithes and any extra offerings, we prove ourselves faithful in the management of what God has provided for us.


If you have any questions about different ways to give, please contact Nancy Contreras at | (915)-855-3798 ext. 202

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