The Olympics will begin soon, and many athletes will compete with one goal in mind: to win the gold.  The Bible compares our faith as Christians to an athletic competition, so we should also go for the gold.

“REACH OUT”  (Aug. 14, 2016)

When you care about people, you’ll want them to know Jesus – yet many people struggle with knowing how to lead them to Christ.  This Sunday you’ll learn just how to “REACH OUT” in practical ways to bring others to know Christ.

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“REACH IN”  (Aug. 7, 2016)

The best athletes don’t go it alone; they are part of a team.  In the race of faith you cannot win gold without others, so come discover how to “REACH IN” and connect in genuine community.

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“REACH UP”  (July 31, 2016)

Join us as we discover what that looks like as individuals & together as a church family to learn what it means to “REACH UP” in worship.

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