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Is life only what we can see, touch, and experience – or is there more?  Is there a supernatural side?  Are ghosts real?  Is there a personal power of evil at work in the world?  Is it a power that humans can tap into intentionally or unintentionally?  If evil is real, how do you oppose it and protect yourself from it?  Join as we explore what the Bible says about these STRANGER THINGS.

“THE BATTLE IS REAL”  (April 15, 2018)

If you’ve ever wondered why life is so hard, why everything seems to be a struggle, and why it is that sometimes God feels so far away – you need to know what’s really going on beneath the surface of life.


Is there really a personal power of good & a personal power of evil?  Are there forces at work we cannot see yet they affect our lives?  Maybe the idea of a parallel dimension is not so strange.  Come explore the reality of “THE SUPERNATURAL WORLD” and why you should have a healthy awareness of it.

“STRANGE BUT WONDERFUL”  (April 1, 2018)

“IT IS FINISHED”  (Pre-series message for March 25, 2018)

One word changed the world.  One word shook heaven & earth.  That one word has incredible power & benefits for your life today.  Join us this Palm Sunday for a special message focused on the cross, called “FINISHED!”