Who is Jesus?  He has been called a prophet, philosopher, moralist, religious revolutionary, even a myth.  There are a lot of ideas about Jesus out there …but what does the Bible say?  

Come explore the realities of who Jesus is, why He matters to your life today, and most importantly – how you can know God because of Him. 

Post-series message: “What Children Owe Their Parents”  (May 14, 2016)

The Bible is clear that the highest responsibility of children – both young and grown – is to honor their parents.  Come learn WHAT CHILDREN OWE THEIR PARENTS and some specific ways to honor your parents, whether that’s easy or difficult for you.

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Post-series message: “What Parents Owe Their Children”  (May 7, 2016)
The heart of parenting is more than providing food, shelter, education, and braces for your kids when they’re needed.  Come learn WHAT PARENTS OWE THEIR CHILDREN and some practical strategies for raising kids well.

“THE WAY MAKER”  (April 23, 2016)

Whenever someone meets with Jesus they always leave changed, for the better.  It was not only His words but His actions.  He would often do miracles to teach a lesson for our growth.  This Sunday we’ll see how Jesus is the Way Maker who can rescue you in the storms of life, and what we should do when we feel like there’s no way out.