At Del Sol, we believe life transformation and spiritual growth happen best with others.

For that reason, we challenge every person to do life together with others in a Small Group. We have a variety of group studies available for anyone who wants to learn more about the Bible.

Small groups meet together to study the Bible, make friends, and enjoy life together. Groups meet in homes and on the church campuses throughout the week. No matter your age and stage of life, there’s a group study for you. Join a group today!

Find a Small Group

Why Small Groups

The pattern of the first century Church was to meet both in the synagogue for worship once a week, and then throughout the week, people would meet in smaller groups in homes. (Acts 2, 5:42, 20:20) Each fulfilled a purpose that the other could not. Small groups are where the big becomes small and people are challenged to grow, be connected, and take risks in the context of a caring Small.

  1. You weren’t created to be alone.
  2. It will transform your life.
  3. You share life, and serve each other.

What To Expect

In a Small group, you can ask questions, participate in discussion and hear others share insight and illustrations from their own life experience. Groups typically follow a set curriculum or go through a portion of the Bible together.

We offer both time-bound and ongoing groups.  Short term groups meet for one semester and last 8 to 12 weeks.  Ongoing groups last continuously throughout the year.