I attended the University of Texas at El Paso in 1975, playing football and studying Business Administration till 1979. I started my career working for the next 10 years intertwining the US/Mexico border in Manufacturing. With Success, Power, and Mammon remaining my primary focus. I started my business in Executive Recruiting! While in the process, I lost my wife, my family (kids), and any recognition of Jesus in my life!

Little did I know that God was preparing a way for me and it started with the emergence of Mirna Flores in my life. Mirna and I knew each other in the past briefly, but God had her in mind for my life for the future. We were married in1989 and God began working thru Mirna into my Life!

By 1995 I was ripe for the picking! I started coming to Vista Del Sol with Mirna and our children. In July of 1995 I was saved at a Promise keeper’s conference in San Diego. Once returned, I began to get involved in the Men’s Ministry by hosting Men’s Breakfasts, Men’s bible studies, Single parent families caring (House Repair, Car repair, Lawn care), and working in the Convalescent home next to the church.

Over the next 20 years I have been involved in every ministry in Del Sol Church. My desire is focused on Matt 22:37-39 to “Love your Lord with all your heart and all soul and all your mind, this being the first and greatest Commandment, but the second is a great as the first, to Love your Neighbor as yourself!” The application of this verse remains the vertical relationship that is sustained in and through my life by Making Disciples!

You can e-Mail Greg at Greg@delsolchurch.com